!/KatiePavlich/status/522463472848994304 Or at least that’s what the White House wants everybody else to believe: "Shutting down travel to that area of the world would prevent the expeditious flow of personnel and equipment into the region." [More]!/hollyR_J_N/status/428163350887821312 What will you wear during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address? Lying Obamacare poster boy Chad Henderson says he’ll be donning this getup as a guest of GOP Rep. Steve Stockman.!/ChadHenderson/status/428137143421382656 But this [More]!/SenTedCruz/status/484021350676590593 Sheesh. A GOP senator can’t have a little World Cup fun without some unhinged libs getting cranky.!/realsharonyang/status/484021981885378560 Oh, phew. The self-proclaimed “liberal hippie queen” didn’t mean her death wish “literally.” Have some syrup, [More]!/joanwalsh/status/421039616204894208 editor-at-large Joan Walsh helped provide a much clearer picture of what 2016 will look like:!/lachlan/status/421041024199180288 Ha! Who knows what will come of this, but the “selective accountability” is a thing to behold. [More]!/ryanparkerdp/status/413743140734906369 As Twitchy reported, friends and supporters of Claire Davis, the 17-year-old shot in the head at Arapahoe High School, began a Twitter campaign to convince One Direction to visit her. #Get1DToClaire didn’t actually get [More]!/WhiteHouse/status/486168513326120961 Ooh, pretty. But…!/TangoEchoAlpha/status/486169796485324800!/TheStormCro/status/486170749716008960!/nilgirian/status/486170100144164866 Bam. Read more:!/NowWithAlex/status/407603256328613888 My goodness … seriously? MSNBC’s Alex Wagner’s ridiculous attempt to prove isn’t any more of a “failure” than heavily shopped retail stores on Black Friday was quickly straightened out:!/redsteeze/status/407603859318919168!/andylancaster/status/407604044945821696!/JHillVA/status/407604078059855873!/GPollowitz/status/407604519867281408 [More]!/jdouglas1914/status/515867262008315904 Chelsea Clinton has announced the birth of a daughter named Charlotte. National Review’s Jim Geraghty offered snarky speculation about how the MSM might analyze the news: Coming soon to DC press corps: "Does a [More]!/battledinosaur/status/506408590119141376!/NatalieMP3/status/506410010940026880 Maybe he was trying to be funny (he considers himself a comedian, after all). If so, why delete the tweet? Well, here it is for posterity:!/rey_z/status/506416566393921536 We can tell he’s really sorry: [More]