!/NowWithAlex/status/407603256328613888 My goodness … seriously? MSNBC’s Alex Wagner’s ridiculous attempt to prove isn’t any more of a “failure” than heavily shopped retail stores on Black Friday was quickly straightened out:!/redsteeze/status/407603859318919168!/andylancaster/status/407604044945821696!/JHillVA/status/407604078059855873!/GPollowitz/status/407604519867281408 [More]!/jdouglas1914/status/515867262008315904 Chelsea Clinton has announced the birth of a daughter named Charlotte. National Review’s Jim Geraghty offered snarky speculation about how the MSM might analyze the news: Coming soon to DC press corps: "Does a [More]!/battledinosaur/status/506408590119141376!/NatalieMP3/status/506410010940026880 Maybe he was trying to be funny (he considers himself a comedian, after all). If so, why delete the tweet? Well, here it is for posterity:!/rey_z/status/506416566393921536 We can tell he’s really sorry: [More]!/ThePantau/status/473478868268232706 As Twitchy reported, a recent Washington Post headline suggested that concern over the legality of the exchange of five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a “Republican” thing (even while acknowledging in the [More]!/jaketapper/status/439522556836859904 President Obama on Friday afternoon gave a brief statement on the events unfolding in Crimea, expressing deep concern and warning that “there will be costs to any military intervention in Ukraine.” CNN’s Jake Tapper [More]!/mike_purser/status/510262074199801856 Asked, and answered: Does Pelosi use Botox? "@mike_purser: are you coming to a Bama game this year?" #RTR — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 12, 2014 Should we take that as a “yes”? Only Nancy [More]!/amymac29/status/439078760600461312 The attorney general is in the hospital this morning after feeling ill during a meeting:!/guypbenson/status/439077968846282752 So far, reports indicate that Holder is doing well.!/edhenryTV/status/439078653100437504 We hope he’s all right and that he [More]
@JeremyinAustin @chucktodd He is calling them out on hypocrisy, not incendiary rhetoric. — Aaron Kinney (@air_en) December 18, 2013 It may be hard to believe, but sometimes, even Chuck Todd gets it right. He’s one [More]