!/gretawire/status/502071754315931649 Yes. And for calling it like it is: Depraved.!/David_Cameron/status/502020394728321024 As opposed to the Obama administration, who managed to only muster up “appalling.” What actually is appalling? This contrast between David Cameron and our [More]!/jaketapper/status/439522556836859904 President Obama on Friday afternoon gave a brief statement on the events unfolding in Crimea, expressing deep concern and warning that “there will be costs to any military intervention in Ukraine.” CNN’s Jake Tapper [More]
@ussoccer Who gives a damn what the @WhiteHouse is doing? Some of us have actual jobs, not golf rounds, we're missing to watch this. — Chris Harrelson (@ChrisNHarrelson) June 26, 2014 The official U.S. Soccer [More]