!/KevDGrussing/status/255401201665966080 Just a few weeks ago, liberals mocked conservatives who questioned MSM polls that were  based on samples with implausibly high numbers of Democrats. One influential polling expert went so far as to compare polling [More]
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Read more:!/jdouglas1914/status/515867262008315904 Chelsea Clinton has announced the birth of a daughter named Charlotte. National Review’s Jim Geraghty offered snarky speculation about how the MSM might analyze the news: Coming soon to DC press corps: "Does a [More]
When the president returns from his vacation in Hawaii next month, there’s a chance he’ll announce a set of executive actions to reduce gun violence, CBS News reports.White House spokesperson Eric Schultz said that President [More]
Lindsey Graham, who livened up GOP undercard debates and isn’t intimidated by Vladimir Putin, is suspending his presidential campaign: Whether joking or not, many described the surprise that accompanied Graham’s announcement: Those who did know [More]
AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh’s son Jaivardhan, who is an MLA, on Sunday said that he was going to raise in Assembly, the issue of his and his family members’ names figuring in the list [More]
Pregnancy comes with a lot of little problems: the clothes that don’t fit, the odd food that you crave odder hours and frequent bathroom breaks are just the tip of the belly bump. As any [More]