We're excited to announce that @JoeBiden is being rebooted for the 2012 campaign season to give you news of the Vice President on the trail. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 9, 2012 Campaign staff will [More]
“I used to be bigger, I’m getting smaller,” Christie responded. “Yeah my wife told me I have to get new suits.” Video available at: http://buzzfeed-video1.s3.amazonaws.com/video/2014/05/29/chrisite-638×350.mp4. Via youtube.com Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/gideonresnick/a-woman-told-chris-christie-he-looks-much-smaller-in-person
@ussoccer Who gives a damn what the @WhiteHouse is doing? Some of us have actual jobs, not golf rounds, we're missing to watch this. — Chris Harrelson (@ChrisNHarrelson) June 26, 2014 The official U.S. Soccer [More]
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In their spare time, this Reddit user and his friends decided to make their very own yacht. And by yacht, we mean a Frankenstein-like boat that was built by using a chopped up van, a [More]
@JeremyinAustin @chucktodd He is calling them out on hypocrisy, not incendiary rhetoric. — Aaron Kinney (@air_en) December 18, 2013 It may be hard to believe, but sometimes, even Chuck Todd gets it right. He’s one [More]
*gets snow boots out of storage* — the Shart of Neeti (@typ0negative) September 12, 2014 Is this late summer snowfall an example of the extreme weather we can expect from anthropogenic climate change? Maybe, as [More]
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