If you’re a believer in the paranormal or you have a thing for alien conspiracies, then you probably know the story of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were the first alleged victims of alien [More]
Two MLAs of the Bahujan Samaj Party rebelled against party chief Mayawati on Wednesday, accusing her of selling the ticket. Harbinder Sahani alias Romi, an MLA from Palia in Lakhimpur Kheri, and Brij Read more: [More]
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http://twitter.com/#!/DylanFitz33/status/432764304526286848 Wait! He wasn’t finished. Twitter was buzzing over Sean Penn’s stoned face during the celebration of the anniversary of The Beatles’ first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” which aired on CBS. What did [More]
Holy hell, Salon! Stop tweeting this article! 5 times in 3 days is a little much: Bonus: The actual article linked in the tweet is from last year. Maybe somenew sex act “is the new [More]
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http://twitter.com/#!/zchizar/status/323578112933777408 If Adam Scott wins the #Masters were giving 5 followers Free Outback for a Month, just tweet #OutbackAdamScott ; ) — Outback Steakhouse (@Outback) April 14, 2013 As Twitchy told you tonight, golfer Adam [More]