StopTheACLU: Bachmann Terms Obama A “Health Care Dictator” #tcot — CO2HOG™ (@CO2HOG) March 8, 2012 At Stop the ACLU, William Teach concludes: That is her most important point: health care/insurance, thanks to ObamaCare, has [More]
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Middle class is now seeing lower paychecks.They may do the math &also now see #Obamacare isn't free medical but more taxes coming next #tgdn — Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) February 3, 2013 Bingo. @kenwahl1 Very true, [More]
Everyone should be reading @gabrielmalor's timeline right now. — Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) January 10, 2014 “Just a blogger” Gabriel Malor reports that thanks to Obama’s health care reform, Catholic parishes are taking on expensive administrative and [More]
Read more:!/_lizatalavera/status/202305611893968896 Apparently Diablo III is the Angelina Jolie of video games. The long-awaited Blizzard Entertainment game debuted today and lots of relationships are feeling the (hopefully temporary) effects: In gamer news, Diablo III just came [More]
A pair of deleted scenes have emerged online from the fourth series of Game Of Thrones, featuring some life advice from Bronn and a shell-shocked Daenerys. The first scene takes place after Tyrion's dismissal of [More]
BUFFALO, N.Y. — The museum that houses the National Toy Hall of Fame is establishing a World Video Game Hall of Fame. The Strong museum in Rochester, New York, says the video hall announced Tuesday [More]
They played in the game group with 28-year-old Brian Harman, who shot a 78. "It was nice to see the two old boys play pretty good," Goosen said. Pebble Beach runner-up Nick Watney, competing for [More]