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Artistic creativity is something that can be expressed in many different forms and media, and when you get the opportunity to experience true creativity, you remember it forever. After seeing what the artistic duo Miss Bugs have [More]
StopTheACLU: Bachmann Terms Obama A “Health Care Dictator” #tcot — CO2HOG™ (@CO2HOG) March 8, 2012 At Stop the ACLU, William Teach concludes: That is her most important point: health care/insurance, thanks to ObamaCare, has [More]
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Middle class is now seeing lower paychecks.They may do the math &also now see #Obamacare isn't free medical but more taxes coming next #tgdn — Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1) February 3, 2013 Bingo. @kenwahl1 Very true, [More]
Everyone should be reading @gabrielmalor's timeline right now. — Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) January 10, 2014 “Just a blogger” Gabriel Malor reports that thanks to Obama’s health care reform, Catholic parishes are taking on expensive administrative and [More]
Read more:!/_lizatalavera/status/202305611893968896 Apparently Diablo III is the Angelina Jolie of video games. The long-awaited Blizzard Entertainment game debuted today and lots of relationships are feeling the (hopefully temporary) effects: In gamer news, Diablo III just came [More]
A pair of deleted scenes have emerged online from the fourth series of Game Of Thrones, featuring some life advice from Bronn and a shell-shocked Daenerys. The first scene takes place after Tyrion's dismissal of [More]