!/JustinRozell/status/514165456408956928 It seems like the left wing protest set is running out of ideas. some asshole just threw a stack of $1 bills at cops…cops laughing, money flying all over street #floodwallstreet — Amy [More]
Ben Lawsky said today that banks and the financial industry still haven’t caught up to the threat posed by increasingly sophisticated teams of hackers. View this image › Maxkabakov / Getty Images New York’s superintendant [More]!/ktumulty/status/401043539858972673 In other words, government has failed; all hail government!!/fakedansavage/status/400679070549041154!/markos/status/400745222440628224!/anthonyweiner/status/400294534401118208 Most conservatives understand that this was the point all along. Nevada Week: Is your goal to move Obamacare to a single payer [More]!/NoahCRothman/status/356753190500311040 Oh my! A Twinkies game-changer? Sen. John McCain gleefully tweeted the news that the Twinkie-pocalypse was averted and Twinkies are back on store shelves. Hmm. An Iowa State Fair mention? Americans rejoiced when it [More]!/AdamSchefter/status/178829639924453377 Maybe Randy Moss will find a new home in the NFL after all! Read more:!/brithume/status/294100421360898048 You guys, Hillary had nothing to do with Amb. Susan Rice’s video-blaming spin-tour after the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack. And those talking points that no one wants to accept responsibility for? Shorter [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); When this person visited the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico, they wanted to film the experience, much like any tourist. So the visitor began by recording a statue of Jesus on [More]!/coloradodaily/status/311267341474344960 A free concert by rapper Tyler, the Creator at Fox Theater in Boulder, Colo., seems to have gotten out of hand, as reports of a “riot situation” are surfacing on Twitter. What in the world is [More]!/NowWithAlex/status/407603256328613888 My goodness … seriously? MSNBC’s Alex Wagner’s ridiculous attempt to prove isn’t any more of a “failure” than heavily shopped retail stores on Black Friday was quickly straightened out:!/redsteeze/status/407603859318919168!/andylancaster/status/407604044945821696!/JHillVA/status/407604078059855873!/GPollowitz/status/407604519867281408 [More]