The owner of the Discovery Channel will keep making the vast majority of its money from TV. But the CEO of Discovery Education says his unit creates more impact than anything else in the company. [More]
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If you’re a college football fan, you’ll definitely want to watch this shockingly honest documentary. 1. The 2006 Rose Bowl between No. 1 USC and No. 2 Texas is widely considered one of the greatest [More]
Sometimes, when you see something truly beautiful, it’ll take your brain a second or two to process it. The images below are no exception. Each of them are stunning, colorful, geometrically amazing… but you’ll never guess [More]
Read more:!/JayCaruso/status/498850981770432512 Giggling madly. What happened to spark that? Oh, just this:!/gretawire/status/498798367745777664 Sizzler, but a total fail!!/Cameron_Gray/status/498794919457456128 And an excellent question:!/Cameron_Gray/status/498811648988413953 Boom. While hilarious and true, it seems Hillary Clinton forgot about a [More]
Read more:!/MelserWBAL/status/240159402424946688 Baltimore reporter Lowell Melser is unhappy with Twitchy because we reported the name of the guidance counselor who tackled the suspected shooter at Perry Hall High School earlier today.  We did so  because we saw dozens [More]
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