It takes a village idiot! Hillary gives absurd advice to royal couple

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Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to send congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge upon the birth of their son in her signature shameless style.!/jamiefox1/status/359660720574562304


You can’t parody a self-parody, alas.!/jacob_65/status/359662801884684288!/brianknewhouse/status/359666869831086082

Don’t tell fellow village idiot Melissa Harris-Perry that! She’ll claim persecution, of course.

Other Twitter users remind her of a little something that she has apparently forgotten. But, then again, what difference does it make?!/MarcHilliker/status/359667221540241410!/Dcarter888K/status/359660492282814464!/DaveMBP/status/359664054702309376


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