Father’s Day’s Around The Corner. Here Are 25 Gifts For The Dog Dads In Your Life!

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Dog dads are a breed of their own.

If ever there was a time to show that special dog dad in your life how much you care, it’s Father’s Day. These dudes brave full poop bags and mouths full of drool day after day to show their pups how much they care, so why not celebrate them? Sure, they’re not human kids, but dogs are part of the family!

But if you’re unsure of how to honor your dog dad on his special day, you’re in luck. Here are 25 epic dog dad-approved Father’s Day gifts that will get the job done!

1. Dad can walk the dog in style with these dog-print Vans.

2. How can you make your daily walk more exciting? Use a leash made out of hot dogs. This is great for all the dachshund dads out there!

3. If this ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is.

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4. Dad having a hard time training Fido? These treats are easy to have on hand when teaching the pooch to sit feels like a losing battle.

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5. If the dog dad in your life is the proud parent of a mutt, why not give him some insight with a dog breed DNA test?

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6. The force is strong with this one.

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7. Grade your pet’s obedience lessons with this adorable paw print stamp set.

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8. With the Chuck-it Classic, fetch just got easier!

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9. A phone case that reflects dad’s love of dogs is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Amazon / Arkko

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10. With the Petcube Camera, you can have two-way communication with your dog to make sure that when dad’s away, the dogs won’t play (not too hard, anyway).

Amazon / Petcube

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11. Help pop and his pooch bond over homemade treats.

Amazon / Janine Adams

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12. If he thinks personalized dog shirts are tacky, give him this pop art version!

Pop Your Pup

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13. Dad is sure to enjoy this dashing bow tie for nights out on the town.

Beau Ties

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14. Finally a set of cufflinks that suits his lifestyle.

Etsy / TheSaltyFoxCo

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15. Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Amazon / Dog Dad Shirts

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16. To live a life of zen, all you really need is coffee and your dog.

Etsy / MostToastyGoods

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17. With this gift, Dad can finally show off all his fur babies in style!

Etsy / ARusticFeeling

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18. Now this is a little cheeky, but so funny.

Etsy / Capworld

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19. Help him crack open a cold one courtesy of the pup in his life.

Etsy / iCustomWine

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20. And why not include a koozie?

Etsy / WoodenSpoonCrafts

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21. All my BFFs are four-legged.

Etsy / Caffeinesceneshop

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22. Move over, crazy cat ladies.

Etsy / Inkopious

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23. This easy-grip dog leash wristlet allows you to comfortably walk your pet without the added worry of dropping the leash.

Liberty Wristband

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24. Where do I sign up for a job like that?

Etsy / SimplySlay

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25. Who wouldn’t get a good chuckle after seeing this on someone’s car?


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