After Biting Into A Drumstick, He Saw Something So Nasty He Could Hardly Believe It

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We’ve all been there: You’re in a rush to get home and there’s no food in the house, so you stop for something quick.

When Australian man Reiner Marco bought a KFC meal, he sat down to eat it about 30 minutes later. When he bit into one of the drumsticks, he was revolted to find maggots crawling around inside. He filmed the incident in all its disgusting glory.

Marco told the Daily Mail he “just wanted to let the public know that this can happen and to look twice before eating food from a restaurant, not only from KFC.”

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KFC says it’s unlikely the maggots entered the chicken in the store, citing food handling precautions and the way KFC chicken is made. This is far from the first incident of maggots in KFC food, however. It’s not even the first one I’ve written about.

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