Read more:!/jaketapper/status/439522556836859904 President Obama on Friday afternoon gave a brief statement on the events unfolding in Crimea, expressing deep concern and warning that “there will be costs to any military intervention in Ukraine.” CNN’s Jake Tapper [More]!/wjcapperelli/status/479303496131289089 It’s the end of an era:!/CNNBrian/status/479304564852944898!/jonkarl/status/479310778705514496!/IsaacDovere/status/479311327702568961!/JessicaStoneTV/status/479311900870598656 Sniff.!/FreeBeacon/status/479305500757340161 It just won’t be the same without him!!/FemsHaveBallz/status/479310591580860416!/ScottJeezey/status/479304685950894082 Let’s hope Josh Earnest proves to be a worthy successor:!/SSReaney/status/479300857222033408 Those [More]!/bethcoffeyyy/status/398288677157093377 The Country Music Awards broadcast has generated much jealousy about the legs of singer and #CMA co-host Carrie Underwood:!/ayeealley/status/398292339614965760!/ChristineLyn5/status/398292282421424129!/KochJessica/status/398292114544422912!/bkershnerr/status/398289456199114753!/ShannonBream/status/398256142092365824!/BriggySmallsx3/status/398289311357206528!/jennybarosh/status/398286518545944576!/belles_and_bows/status/398285433903124480!/LawFirmChic/status/398285003269734401 Dear Santa, Christmas List this year: [More]
Read more:!/Hardline_Stance/status/314857204253614080 Veterans — and anyone else — who has sworn off Bob Beckel following his suggestion that the Greatest Generation is a “myth” might want to allow four minutes to take in Beckel’s rant against the people [More]
Donald Trump scored a big victory last night in Nevada with close to 46% of the vote. Marco Rubio came in a distant second at about 24%: So much for the “Trump ceiling”: But check [More]!/mike_purser/status/510262074199801856 Asked, and answered: Does Pelosi use Botox? "@mike_purser: are you coming to a Bama game this year?" #RTR — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 12, 2014 Should we take that as a “yes”? Only Nancy [More]
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